Super Mario Style – Phase 3

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Concept Designs
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So, I’ve been steadily working this project, I’m quite excited on how it’s turning out and excited on getting it complete to see what the end results are going to be.  In this phase, I’ve inserted the base colors for both pictures.  I’m quite pleased with the turnout of this phase considering this is my first time coloring a drawing using photoshop.  As I said before, it’ll be interesting to see what the end result of the next phase will be since it’s my first time with photoshop.  Phase 4 I will be bringing in the shading/highlighting to the drawings.


*All artwork shown is created and copyrighted by Mario Echevarria.  The characters, Super Mario and Luigi, incorporated in the design is copyrighted by Nintendo.

  1. Bill Ferrara says:

    A do not over do the shading and highlights. Like a good cook you don’t want to over spice th dish.

    • I didn’t plan on overdoing it…I started working on the shading last night but, there were some aspects that kept coming out too dark, so, I ended up starting over, so yea, I understand the analogy…lol…thanks! :)

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